1969 Ford Mustang: The Complete Guide

The 1969 Ford Mustang was designed by Gale Halderman and it represents an integral part of the first generation of Ford Mustang manufactured by the Ford Motor Corporation. Typically, the Mustang is styled in such a way that it has a long hood and a trunk lid that is quite short. The Mustang ideally seats four people and weighs about twenty-five hundred pounds.


Production of the first set of Ford Mustangs started in the first quarter of 1964 and continued till 1973. Within this period, the cars became quite popular and a lot of car manufacturers took on the challenge of the competition it threw at them. Between 1964 and 1973, when the first generation of the Ford Mustang was produced, there were a number of significant improvements under the hood and general dimension.


The 1969 model of the Ford Mustang is the second model to have gone through a significant restyling. This edition has four headlights unlike the previous models which only had 2 on the grille. The restyling also showed in the interior which features 2 dash pods. The model is generally more muscular and larger than the previous ones.

Body Styles

There are a couple of body styles for lovers of this car to chose. there is the 2-door convertible the 2 door hardtop as well as the 2 door sportsroof.

Grille styles

The grille of this model received a lift with two of the 4 headlights tucked in it.

Rear styles

The rear view of the 1969 model is similar to that of the 1968 model. It features 3 light indicators on either side with ‘Mustang’ written on the trunk.

Wheel styles

The Mustang has a variety of appealing wheels to choose from. There are deep dish wheels, concave wheels and chrome wheels among others.


Mach 1

The Ford Mustang Mach 1 is a muscular model which was first introduced in 1969. This model was purely for people who favor high performance. In this model, the suspension was greatly improved upon. It also came with 4 engine choices which were all v8 and 3 speed and 4 speed manual as well as 3 speed automatic transmission choices.

Cobra Jet engines modification

The initial Ford Mustangs came with Cobra Jet engines which is a version of the 428 engine. This engine was built with high end parts such as its pistons, camshaft and induction system.
As a result of the location of the engine cooler, the Cobra Jet engines have no factory-fitted air conditioning system.

Boss 302
The Boss 302 is a high performance 5.0 Liter, 302 CID V8 engine that was built in by Ford in 1969 and 1970. This was repeated between years 2012 and 2013. The 1969/70 models came with 4 speed manual transmission while the 2012/13 models came with 6 speed manual transmission.

Boss 429
The Boss 429 is most times referred to as the all-time best muscle car. This could be because of the rarity of the car as less than 1500 units were made. The engine was made from Ford’s 358 engine V8 engine and features a 4 speed manual transmission. Although the car looked simple, it enjoyed wide popularity and acceptance.

The Ford Mustang Shelby is another high performing car that was available in 1969. This edition has 2 models; the 2 door convertible and 2 door fastback. It features a 5.8 liters 351 cu V8 Windsor and another 7.0 liter 428 cu V8 engine. This model received extensive facelift from previous models.

GT 350
The GT 350 is a styling modification of the Shelby Mustang. Although the Shelby GT 350 cobra tag was a distinguishing factor on the front grille of the models, this was conspicuously absent in the 1969 model. Despite this, the styling of the GT 350 was generally upgraded and the appearance and the interior of the car.

GT 500
This is another styling modification of the Shelby Mustang. The body parts (including the bonnet and sides) of this model are quite different because they were made of fiberglass. The vehicle was powered by a 7.0 liter V8 428 cu engine.

The Grande represents another luxury edition of the Ford Mustang models. It features wheel covers made of wire, dual mirror as well as paint stripes made of two-tones.

Limited Edition Mustang E
The Mustang E is a Limited Edition and expectedly, it is rare.It features a 250 ci 6-cylinder engine and low axle on the rear. It bears the inscription Mustang E.

Limited Edition 600
The Limited Edition 600 is not a well known model. Although about 503 units of this model were manufactured, many Ford enthusiasts today wont be able to lay hands on this model because of the few available. Mustang 600 is inscribed on the side of this car apparently to distinguish it from other models.

T-5 fastback (for Germany)
The Ford Mustang T-5 fastback is the export model for Germany. Not many of this model was produced and it comes with 3 speed manual transmission and a 6 cylinder engine. It also comes equipped with factory air conditioning. It was named T-5 because other German companies were already bearing the name Mustang and it appeared Ford was not ready to buy the naming rights.


The 1969 model featured a more powerful power-train. The engine was a 302 cubic inch which produced 220 horsepower. There was another 351cubic inch engine which produced 250 horsepower with a two barrel carburetor.


Prices are not static for those who might want o sell of their Mustang. It could depend on a lot of factors like mileage, who is selling and general state of the car. The range could be from $10,000 to $80,000


The 1969 Ford Mustang was, and still is, a good car.

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