2016 Ford Mustang: The Complete Guide

Ford was on point with the 2016 Ford Mustang, with the complete upgrading of the historic muscle car inside and out, and offers you a new one with the latest technology.By 2015, Ford has redesigned its iconic pony Ford Mustang car, an event that occurred several times in the

By 2015, Ford has redesigned its iconic pony Ford Mustang car, an event that occurred several times in the 50-year history of the car. This time it was, meaner and trimmer sports car with a new mission: to bring the 2016 Ford Mustang mystique into the world markets. Ford has sold the Mustang abroad before, but this 2016 Ford Mustang design comes with an independent suspension, which an optional turbocharged four-cylinder engine has been built with 2016 ford mustang. Which send the signal of competition the other American producer. It has a powertrain and a new technology.

Exterior & Styling

Mere looking, it can be assumed that nothing has really changed from the old to the new 2016 Mustang. A lot are still in doubt if there is any update, but when compared to the old model. The 2016 Ford Mustang adds new design, headlamp and hexagonal grill. Also, the muscular wheel added to the car even made it more awesome. The various opening and windows are quite different from that o the old models. The overall look is amazing, but no one can mistake it not to be a Mustang.

How Ford Mustang 2016 drives

With the new turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost engine. The 2016 Ford Mustang makes 310 horsepower wish is a very good one for a four-cylinder engine. Do not confuse with the V-8 in the GT, but has a certain charm of its own hearing. It should be noted, however, that all hear the noise coming from the engine complements the previously recorded audio is connected to the loudspeaker. Ford did it because the turbo engine is too quiet for the Mustang; All sound insulation and the turbocharger itself act to silence the exhaust noise to the point that just does not seem like a true sports car. Just activates the automatic transmission in drive, gas and get ready to be surprised – it’s fast. Systems that affect the way sports and management effort and aggressive shift can be adjusted independently. It is interesting that one cannot say the same thing on the track. The suspension has now become independent, front and back remains firmly on the 2016 Ford Mustang. With 18-inch wheels optional EcoBoost, ride quality is excellent, but it is less when the optional sports suspension and 19-inch wheels GT come in. Unlike the four-cylinder Mustang from the past, customers can check the option for 2016 and EcoBoost will not regret your decision at all. GT brings larger brakes are more powerful, but less easily than the standard modular EcoBoost; They are great for bringing down the speed before it becomes it get to a point, but not so great when you’re just trying to negotiate credits. If you plan to drive 2016 Ford Mustang alone on the trail often, V-8 GT may be a better choice, but if you just want an agile sports car that can make your way through the most entertaining roads, EcoBoost version will be ok.

The Interior

Ford has done significant work in the 2016 Ford Mustang, and the various features send applause throughout the world of cars: Nobody touches sensitive control panel everywhere outside of the LCD touch screen. On the contrary, in fact: Ford introduced the toggle switches on the basis of the center console for pointers, stability control, adjustable steering effort and mode selection for the camera. Like the car, the 2016 Ford Mustang has a width and height to make the biggest drivers happy with decent visibility to the front, with a long hood and formed that extends forward. More surprising is the way the visibility on their long side windows shoulders that have spread from the exit By the way, after the V-8 GT is just insane amounts of fun, Means that the demand for instant torque, you can work with the controller on the foot of your choice. If you are planning to drive alone on the road frequently, V-8 GT may be a better choice, but if what you want is an agile sports car that can make your way through the most entertaining roads, EcoBoost version will make a good choice.

Cargo and storage

Storage has been improved in the 2016 Ford Mustang, both before and in the trunk. More thought has gone into it, too. The front cup holder is moved closer to the passengers and pushed to minimize disturbance change stick. Door pockets are deeper, like a glove, which now has a knee airbag built directly into the door compartment. The trunk is larger, with a more open and less which now hosts two sets of golf clubs. Not as big as the massive trunk Challenger.


Redesign 2016 Ford Mustang led to changes in their electrical systems, allowing Ford to add advanced features available Blind Spot Warning, Forward Collision Alert Adaptive Cruise Control and more standard airbags, including the knee airbag on the passenger door mounted in the glove compartment.

2016 Ford Mustang Value in its class

2016 Ford Mustang covers a wide range in price from $24,425 for Fastback V-6 with a manual transmission. A convertible model is also available with a less expensive version Sharper just under 30 Grand, 29 925 $. V-8 is available in GT, from 32 925 $. Mustang GT Premium Convertible favorite loaded with a special appearance package 50th anniversary costs more than $50,000. Simply you do not have a convertible model of cars out there, unfortunately, many lovers of the sun. Competitors may be less conventional Hyundai Genesis tractor or even before the Honda Accord coupe. All are similar in price but not in performance, which makes the Mustang a better value than any of them.




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